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Dr Faustino Bernadett: A Decade of Support for Thea Foundation’s Youth Initiatives

Dr. Faustino Bernadett and his wife, Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett, are known for their commitment to organizations that impact children and families. Among these organizations, Thea Foundation holds a special place.

The Thea Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on the importance of arts in youth development. Through its three core programs—Thea Scholarships, Art Closet, and Arts Reconstruction—the foundation enriches young minds by providing scholarships, art supplies, and support for educators. Since 2002, Thea Foundation has been a critical player in advancing artistic education in Arkansas.

Kids standing against a wall with their instruments.
Youth Enriched Through Thea Foundation

Tino and Martha have been actively involved with the Thea Foundation, supporting its mission of promoting the arts in youth development since 2011. Their contributions have significantly impacted the foundation's initiatives, positively influencing the lives of many young individuals in Arkansas.

Their involvement goes beyond financial support. Their presence at Thea Foundation events and their genuine words of encouragement have been a source of inspiration, reinforcing the foundation's commitment to youth well-being and education in the region.

In addition to their work with Thea Foundation, Tino and Martha have been addressing education and health disparities in the United States through The Molina Foundation since 2004. Their continued dedication to various charitable causes, including Thea Foundation, demonstrates the positive influence individuals with a strong sense of purpose can have on their community.

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