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Dr. Faustino Bernadett and the American Osler Society

What is the American Osler Society?

The American Osler Society is a history of medicine organization dedicated to perpetuating the life, teachings and ethical example of Sir William Osler. The Society's primary goal is to bring together healthcare professionals and those associated with the medical field, all sharing a common interest in preserving and honoring the legacy and teachings of William Osler.

Their mission is to establish an organized community of physicians and their professional counterparts dedicated to commemorating and perpetuating the wisdom imparted by William Osler. This entails periodic gatherings to present and discuss papers on Osler's life and his profound influence on the medical field, with the resulting essays published as the Society's Proceedings.

They are committed to consistently promoting the noble values and principles that defined Osler's life and his humanistic approach to medicine, serving as a continuous reminder to the medical community. Additionally, they aim to introduce these ideals to aspiring healthcare professionals entering the field.

The American Osler Society website shows that Sir William Osler dedicated his life to medicine, not only as a doctor, like Tino Bernadett, but also as a scientist and teacher.

Discovering Tino Bernadett's Association with the American Osler Society

With a remarkable 20-year career as an anesthesiologist in Long Beach, California, Dr. Bernadett found a natural home in the American Osler Society, given his extensive history in the medical field.

His dedication to helping hundreds of patients manage and alleviate pain during and after medical procedures is just one facet of his impressive journey. Dr. Bernadett's medical journey began at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, where he earned his prestigious medical degree.

It is no wonder that Tino Bernadett currently serves as chairman of the finance committee for this prestigious organization.

In the photograph pictured below, you can see Dr. Faustino Bernadett and his spouse, Martha, elegantly adorned in matching Osler-themed tie and scarf, captured during the 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Osler Society. This event spanned from Sunday, May 21st to Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, and was held at the Holiday Inn Regent's Park in London, England.


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