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Dr. Tino Bernadett Supports Villa Siena

Aside from supporting youth, Dr. Faustino Bernadett is a generous supporter of organizations that better the lives of seniors. Faustino Bernadett and Martha Molina-Bernadett were glad to donate to Villa Siena, a senior living community in Mountain View, CA. In fact, the generous couple, Tino Bernadett and Martha Molina-Bernadett was even granted the term, Saint Vincent de Paul of Villa Siena’s Founders Circle to honor their donation of more than $10,000 a year.

A Look at Villa Siena

Founded in 1965, Villa Siena has been carrying their tradition of caring for seniors for more than 7 decades. Villa Siena is a senior care facility offering independent, assisted living, and skilled nursing level care, regardless of financial situation. It is run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

Their programs are created to improve residents' wellbeing while giving them the freedom to be as independent as possible. Villa Siena provides high-quality care in a setting that is infused with spirituality, love, and compassion as a Not-For-Profit Organization driven by purpose.

Like most charitable institutions, a portion of Villa Siena's residents experience annual financial exhaustion. Dr. Tino Bernadett believes that the elderly residents will not be forced to deal with these financial burdens every day. It ought to be a place where people may live out their golden years while still being respected. With his gift to Villa Siena, Faustino Bernadett and Martha Molina-Bernadett aim to lessen some of these residents' financial stress.

Why Support Villa Siena

For seniors to enjoy their golden years and keep their dignity in a serene environment under the care of seasoned professionals, more supporters for the cause are needed.

Dr. Tino Bernadett and his wife aim to promote this community built to provide independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care to elderly people who deserve to keep their remaining years as comfortable and happy as possible.

Villa Siena can be found among majestic redwood trees. The stunning flower gardens and winding paths accentuate the welcoming, cozy ambiance. Visitors frequently comment on the sense of inner calm they have when they enter Villa Siena's gardens.

See these pictures below to get a glimpse of the welcoming environment and some bonus pics of The Bernadett Library:

Villa Siena Courtyard

Tino Bernadett Sponsors Villa Siena

Faustino Bernadett's Donation Turns into Bernadett Library in Villa Siena

The greatest way to experience Villa Siena's welcoming atmosphere is in person. Message Villa Siena for a scheduled tour and see it for yourself.

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