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Giving Tuesday - Faustino Bernadett, Supporter of The National Park Foundation

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

In continuation of GivingTuesday and the organizations Faustino Bernadett is a proud supporter of, we highlight the National Park Foundation.

Dr. Faustino Bernadett Supports National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service, enriches America’s national parks and programs through the support of private citizens, park lovers, stewards of nature, history enthusiasts, and wilderness adventurers.

Chartered by Congress in 1967, the Foundation grew out of a legacy of park protection that began over a century ago, when ordinary citizens took action to establish and protect our national parks.

The National Park Foundation is an apolitical, non-partisan philanthropic organization focused on raising private funds to directly support America’s national parks.

As of now, you must be aware, Faustino Bernadett and his wife Martha are focused on helping nonprofits that reduce disparities in access to education and health. With that in mind, Faustino Bernadett, and his wife Martha donated $50,000 to support the National Park Foundation.

The National Park Foundation has a particular focus on youth engagement and education, connecting the next generation to parks.

As they say on their website, the national parks are America’s largest classroom, offering unparalleled educational resources. Together with its partners, the National Park Foundation supports Youth Engagement & Education programs that provide ways for kids to enjoy, understand, and connect with the nature, history, and culture of parks through a variety of classroom subjects at national parks across the country.

Education programs tied to parks enhance curriculum taught in the classrooms and have a transformative impact on students, increasing critical thinking skills, knowledge, self-confidence, and motivation to learn.

For more information on the youth engagement and education opportunities, visit the National Parks Foundation website here.


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