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Dr. Faustino Bernadett Nonprofit Spotlight - The Ventricular Foundation

Dr. Faustino Bernadett and his wife Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett are highlighting The Ventricular Foundation in this Nonprofit Spotlight.

Background of the organization:

The Ventricular Foundation was founded by two professors from the University of California, Davis School of Medicine who have expertise in neuroanatomy and brain development.

Activities of The VENTRICULAR FOUNDATION include:

• Visits to K-12 schools to teach children about the brain, with a special focus on children from under-represented groups.

• Mentorship activities for underrepresented students in high school and college who may be interested in pursuing a career in science.

• Fellowships for underrepresented high school students to help cover the costs of exams, exam materials, and application fees for college and graduate school.

• Organizing and running the Cortical Evolution Conference, as well as international conferences on Autism, Fragile-X, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

When choosing an organization to support, Dr. Faustino Bernadett and his wife Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett support organizations that aim to reduce disparities in access to education and health, with a particular focus on organizations making a meaningful impact on children and families. The Ventricular Foundation does just this.

To learn more about the organization, visit their website here.


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