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Dr. Faustino Bernadett - Nonprofit Spotlight - UCLA Foundation

In an effort to bring awareness to worthwhile organizations Dr. Faustino Bernadett started a Nonprofit Spotlight series.

In this Nonprofit Spotlight, Dr. Faustino Bernadett is highlighting UCLA Foundation.

To give you some background, Dr. Faustino Bernadett was an anesthesiologist in Long Beach, California with a career that spanned over 20 years. He took pride in being able to aid hundreds of patients with pain management and relief during and after medical procedures.

Dr. Faustino Bernadett received his medical degree from University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and completed his residency at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in 1984.

With that in mind, Dr. Faustino Bernadett recently made a donation to the UCLA Foundation and wanted to highlight this worthwhile organization in this Nonprofit Spotlight.

The mission of the UCLA Foundation is: Actively promoting philanthropy and managing donated resources for the advancement of UCLA. Through The UCLA Foundation, generous donors participate with building, sustaining and advancing the university. While there was a time when state funds covered almost every dollar UCLA needed to operate, today only six percent of the university’s total budget is paid for through the state’s general fund. Private philanthropy provides the resources UCLA requires to continue growing its stature as a global leader in the creation, sharing and application of knowledge.

Specifically, The Foundation:

  • Receives contributions made by alumni, friends, private foundations and corporations on behalf of UCLA’s many schools, units and departments

  • Disburses the contributions according to the expressed wishes of the donor

  • Oversees the donated resources and investment assets, which are managed by the nonprofit UCLA Investment Company

  • Actively promotes philanthropy across the campus

Here are some highlights from the most recent 2021 Financial Endowment report which highlights the impact of the UCLA Foundation.

In a challenging year, endowed gifts have enabled UCLA to keep firmly focused on student well-being and opportunity, groundbreaking discovery, and lifesaving service and care.

Rhea Turteltaub Vice Chancellor, External Affairs

The UCLA Foundation maintains its vision of ensuring long-term health and sustainability for the endowment and university, even as unforeseen adversities have required immediate responses.

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, The UCLA Foundation

During unprecedented times, the UCLA Investment Company’s stewardship has generated notable financial gains, enabling enhanced support to the university throughout the COVID crisis and establishing a strong endowment dedicated to our campus today and for decades to come.

Justin Barton President and Chief Investment Officer, UCLA Investment Company

Ready to make a donation?

A nice feature when making a donation is that you can choose which cause within the organization you'd like to donate to, whether it be the arts, the environment or campus wide support.


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