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Dr. Tino Bernadett and Martha Bernadett Believe in Cultivating Compassion

There are many ways to maintain or even start adopting a positive mindset. It is not always the easiest path out there, and that is precisely what makes it a beautiful journey.

One of the lesser-known ways to encourage positivity within yourself, and hopefully around you, are through cultivating compassion.

Cultivating compassion can be quite overwhelming in itself, but what exactly does it mean? In a sense, it is all about understanding your own pain and suffering, as well as being open to the pain and suffering of others. To do it, being compassionate in your attention, thinking, feeling, and behavior must be done.

Adopting to these changes can be tough, as you will be required to make a lot of adjustments, but the good thing is that the process is not supposed to rush you.

A good place to start cultivating compassion is to take mediation training. Mediation is all about bringing together people to settle and work on a discourse with the ultimate goal of achieving a resolution, compromise, or agreement.

CCEJ’s Cultivating Compassion Mediation Training Initiative

The California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ) is leading a relationship-centric training event that is geared on introducing the core principles and methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The event encourages participants to get involved in understanding conflict resolution theories, as well as learn, and develop techniques in resolving disputes in interpersonal relationships, in the workplace, and within the community.

The learnings will be based on ABA guidelines and is in line with the standards of the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA).

The program is supported by Dr. Tino Bernadett and wife Martha Molina Bernadett, who are known for their humanitarian advocacy. The couple were proud recipients of CCEJ’s Humanitarian Award in the 52nd Annual CCEJ dinner held in 2020.

Dr. Tino Bernadett and Martha Bernadett’s Legacy

The Molina Foundation was founded by Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett and her husband Tino Bernadett back in 2004. Martha Bernadett as the President and CEO of the foundation, and Dr. Tino Bernadett as the Vice President and Treasurer.

The Molina Foundation is focused on bridging the gap between economic disparities when it comes to access to education and health.

Over the years, The Molina Foundation has worked with over 2,500 organizations since it started. It has donated over 5.5 million books and conducted tons of learning workshops and programs for teachers and families. The Molina Foundation has also partnered with various community-centric organizations like schools, clinics, churches, and civic clubs to be able to cater to the needs of low-income and deprived families and communities.

Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett and Dr. Tino Bernadett aim to never stop providing easy access to education and health through The Molina Foundation.

What to Expect from CCEJ’s Cultivating Compassion Medication Training

The event will run on 4 sessions: September 22-23 and September 29-30 at CCEJ’s office in Long Beach, CA. Participants will have discussion, hands-on exercises, role plays, and feedback from accredited mediators. Attendance for all 4 days will mean completion of the program.

Lunch, refreshments, and all training materials will be provided with the registration fee.

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