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Faustino "Tino" Bernadett Proud Supporter of 4-H

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Faustino "Tino" Bernadett and his wife Martha Bernadett have been longtime supporters of the National 4-H organization. As a young boy, Tino Bernadett was involved in his local 4-H program (you can hear more about that here.). That experience was so positive that he is still a strong supporter and advocate for 4-H today. So much so that last month, Tino Bernadett and his wife, Martha Bernadett, made a $1,000,000 contribution to the organization.

Dr. Tino Bernadett Supporter of 4-H

In a recent message from Jennifer Sirangelo, the CEO of the National 4-H, Jennifer thanked the Bernadetts for their contribution. “Thank you doesn’t seem to be adequate to express how grateful I am for your support and how much your gift means to Extension and the kids who really need 4-H. You truly are an inspiring couple.”

4‑H is America’s largest youth development organization—empowering nearly six million young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. In 4‑H programs, kids and teens complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and civic engagement in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. Kids experience 4‑H in every county and parish in the country through in-school and after-school programs, school and community clubs and 4‑H camps.

4‑H’s reach and depth are unmatched, reaching kids in every corner of America – from urban neighborhoods to suburban schoolyards to rural farming communities. Their network of 500,000 volunteers and 3,500 4‑H professionals provides caring and supportive mentoring to all 6 million 4‑H’ers, helping them grow into true leaders today and in life.

How can you support this great organization?

There are several ways.

About Faustino "Tino" Bernadett

Dr. Faustino Bernadett’s dedication to the education of physicians who care for the underserved began with his father, a family physician who was at times paid in tamales. He frequently traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico, his home state, to care for the Tarahumara.

An alumnus of the University of California, San Francisco (U.C.S.F.) School of Medicine, he practiced anesthesia in Southern California before transitioning to the practice of pain management. After receiving an M.B.A., he used his leadership skills to start and lead medical groups and an independent practice association as a physician executive.

Tino Bernadett is the vice president of The Molina Foundation. He currently serves on the U.C.S.F. Foundation board of overseers and has served several terms as a commissioner of the Hospitals and Healthcare Delivery Commission of Los Angeles County. He is a board member of the Smithsonian Latino Center and St. Mary Medical Center Foundation. In addition, he is a member of the Osler Society and an active member of the steering committee of the U.C.S.F. PRIME program.

The Bernadett/Chancellor’s endowed scholarship at U.C.S.F. funds medical education for Spanish-speaking medical students. The Bernadetts are also active in transforming medical education through the U.C.S.F. Faustino and Martha Molina Bernadett Presidential Chair for Medical Education investiture.

In 2015, Tino Bernadett was awarded “Top 150 Alumni of U.C.S.F. for the Last 150 years” and the “Humanitarian Award” from the California Conference for Equality and Justice. In 2016, the 4-H National Council awarded him the “Distinguished Alumni Medallion” to recognize his personal commitment to positive youth development and the 4-H mission.

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