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Martha and Faustino Bernadett Received CCEJ Humanitarian Award

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Dr. Faustino Bernadett and his wife Martha were the proud recipients of the California Conference for Equality & Justice Humanitarian Award. The award was bestowed at the 52nd annual California Conference for Equality and Justice Awards dinner, held at the Hyatt Regency. Approximately $160,000 was raised for CCEJ at the event. CCEJ is a social justice and human relations organization dedicated to eliminating bias, bigotry and racism through education, conflict resolution and advocacy.

Dr. Faustino Bernadett and wife Dr. Martha Bernadett

Other honorees included Margie and Frank Newell, Braden Phillips and Naomi Rainey-Pierson. All of the recipients were recognized for their advancement of the mission of CCEJ, their many civic contributions, and their lifelong commitment to humankind. The Building Bridges Award was presented to Community Hospital Long Beach.

In an elegant setting of black, silver and purple décor, the reception offered dinner, music and festivities, as well as the awards presentation. Forty past recipients were recognized as well, and Gregory Sander, Sr., Pastor of the ROCK Christian Fellowship Long Beach, gave the opening remarks.

Dr. Mario Molina, President and CEO of Molina Healthcare, closed the evening to talk about the honorees’ humanitarian works and the importance and impact of CCEJ’s work in the community.

A Bit About California Conference for Equality & Justice

The CCEJ is a human relations organization dedicated to confronting bias, bigotry and racism through education, conflict resolution and advocacy. For the past 55 years, this organization has aimed to build a unified, peaceful and inclusive Southern California, with justice for all, responding to hate and discrimination by building cultures of connection, respect and accountability.

CCEJ’s programs, focused on raising awareness, also help to facilitate dialogue, heal conflicts, and bridge differences. In fact, its Building Bridges for Youth programs give young people a safe place to talk about culture and conflict, so they can build confidence and skills for better communication and leadership.

Utilizing restorative justice practices and tools, CCEJ promotes conflict resolution within neighborhoods, workplaces and the criminal justice system, as well as provides healthier approaches to school discipline.

The Molina Foundation

If the name Molina rings a bell, that’s because Dr. Bernadett and his wife founded The Molina Foundation in 2004. She is the President and CEO, and he is Vice President and Treasurer, both fearlessly leading this national nonprofit organization that reduces disparities in access to education and health.

Since its inception, The Molina Foundation has worked with more than 2,500 organizations and schools, donating more than 5.5 million books, as well as hosting workshops and programs for educators and families. Working hand-in-hand with community-based organizations, The Molina Foundation partners with preschool programs, clinics, churches, schools, family service organizations, and civic organizations that serve low-income and at-risk families.

As Vice President of The Molina Foundation, Faustino Bernadett is a member of the Board of Directors, a distinguished group of professionals in the business, education, social and civic sectors.

The foundation has been doing good work in the community for about 16 years, with the goal of ensuring a new generation of students will have access to the books they need. This cause is special to Faustino “Tino” Bernadett, whose own father ran a successful practice as the only Spanish-speaking family doctor in Chico, California.

Dr. Faustino Bernadett hopes to continue the mission of The Molina Foundation for many more years to come, bridging the divide in access to education and health. To learn more about how you can help, visit The Molina Foundation today.

Learn More

To learn more about Dr. Bernadett’s philanthropy missions, click here. You will find that California Conference for Equality and Justice is just one of many organizations he supports, including 4-H, the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Pearson Charitable Foundation.

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