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Nonprofit Spotlight: Dr. Faustino Bernadett Celebrates 50 Years of Clinica Tepati

Updated: May 17

Dr. Faustino Bernadett delivered a heartwarming speech at the Clínica Tepati 50th Benefit Banquet on Saturday, April 27, 2024, in Davis, California. During the event, he was honored as an Early Founder of Clinica Tepati, accepting a recognition plaque for his father, Faustino Bernadett, M.D., a respected physician.

Clinica Tepati Award

Inspired by his father's legacy as the only Spanish-speaking family doctor in Chico, California, who also volunteered in Mexico, Dr. Bernadett dedicated his life to medicine and healthcare.

In a heartfelt tribute, Tino Bernadett announced a $100,000 scholarship donation in his father's memory, offering unlimited matching for contributions raised within the next two weeks.

Faustino Bernadett, MD

The banquet, attended by approximately 220 supporters, was a resounding success, highlighting the enduring impact of Clinica Tepati's mission. He hopes that the scholarship will support and encourage Spanish-speaking medical students to view their families and communities as his father did - with love, dedication, and a deep sense of curiosity, humility, and fulfillment found in the everyday moments of life and service to others. He sees this as his father's lasting legacy.

Why is Dr Bernadett a Supporter of Clinica Tepati?

Tino's father, also a dedicated teacher, was a preceptor to family medicine residents and students at UC Davis, in addition to his work at Clinica Tepati. He flew a small plane to teach to accommodate his busy practice and spend more time with his family. Tragically, on a stormy night returning home from UC Davis, his aircraft crashed, ending his life. Faustino was devastated.

His impact was profound, touching the lives of many and inspiring families, doctors, and others. The Family Medicine Medical Library at UC Davis was dedicated to his memory.


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