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The Bernadetts Donate to the CAMEO Professional Auxiliary of Assistance League® of Long Beach

Assistance League® Was Founded in Southern California

Tino and Martha Bernadett have been long time supporters of the Assistance League® of Long Beach. The Assistance League® of Long Beach is one of over 120 chapters of the national nonprofit Assistance League® of the United States. It is dedicated to providing accessibility and fulfillment of community needs at the local level. The National Assistance League, formed in 1935, has its roots in California. The Assistance League® of Southern California began in 1919 after World War I, and the National Assistance League® grew out of that organization.

Each chapter focuses on helping their community with philanthropic programs ranging from donating clothing, classroom supplies, and books to supplying law enforcement with teddy bears for traumatized children and Assault Survival Kits to give to crime victims.

Helping the Under-Served

CAMEO is one of the auxiliaries of Assistance League® Long Beach, which has the largest membership of all US chapters with 850 members. CAMEO’s mission fits perfectly with Tino Bernadett’s continuing support of organizations that help under-served populations, mainly, but not limited to, children. He and his wife Martha Bernadett have aided many organizations both locally and nationally.

From the CAMEO website:

“CAMEO has supported under-served, academically promising students from the Long Beach Unified School District high schools and Long Beach City College. Our member volunteers are working professionals who provide one-on-one mentoring support to enhance each student’s educational and personal development.”

The CAMEO Virtual Auction and Fashion Show three-day celebration on May 14-16, 2023, provides opportunities to help the organization enact its famous mentoring program. The Bernadett’s generous donation to CAMEO’s Fashion Show will fund much-needed programming, support, and scholarships.

Assistance League® Helps Nationally and Locally

The national organization’s Mission, Vision, and Tagline, as below, are from their national website.


Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children through community programs.


Essential needs are met in our community and families flourish.


Transforming Lives • Strengthening Community

  • The organization’s core values are Commitment, Leadership, Ethics, Accountability, and Respect

The Long Beach, California Chapter

Much like its parent group, Assistance League® of Long Beach is a volunteer, nonprofit organization that puts caring and commitment into action. Their philanthropic programs support the residents of the greater Long Beach community.

In a letter to the Bernadetts, the local CAMEO Resource Development Co-Chair said, “We truly appreciate your very generous donation to CAMEO. You both realize the importance of mentoring, making a dramatic impact on the lives of young people.”

Tino and Martha Bernadett are active in Long Beach with donations to the Long Beach Aquarium and many other organizations dedicated to cultivating upstanding individuals and communities for a better future. The Bernadetts believe in this quote from Desmond Tutu:

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Through education, the arts, and leadership—such as opportunities made possible with nonprofits like Assistance League® and its auxiliary, CAMEO—the little bits will become the big bits our world needs today and tomorrow for a strong future.

You still have time to donate to and participate in the auctions taking place at the virtual CAMEO fashion show over the May 14-16, 2023 weekend. Make it a Mother’s Day to remember.

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